Music. Live performances.

Since beginning of 2014 i started to experiment with sonic phenomenas and self-made original instruments in a solo-format. Principles didnĀ“t differ from ones on which activities of Postinstrumentum are based. But inner need to minimize any kind of compromises pushed me into that. Music is still a strength of materials, a sign of deformation, full respect on decisions made by spinal-cord, a functional ergonomics of body-movements, an arbitrar implemention of error, a superiority of DIY philosophy and a brutal force! Hard to hide that my composition method base on intuition, irrational decisions and denial of cultural prototypes.

Chronological development/degeneration you can follow under the link:

If interested in more precise description of instruments and their technical principles, feel free to click:

Short oveview about activities 2014. – 2015.