Conservatorium Postinstrumentum.

Conservatorium Postinstrumentum is an alternative phenomena of music education, which has made no attempt to flirt with music as a culturally evolved genre. Music is an aptitude test of materials, a sign of deformation, constriction of poetry through natural sciences, functional ergonomics of body-movements, an arbitrary implementation of error, a superiority of DIY philosophy and brutal force!
There have been nearly 40 humans passed basic level of (post)instrument engineering courses during last five years in cooperation with Estonian Art Academy. Means that 40 unique and original (post)instruments have been flinged into universe.

It all started in 2010 in performing art chair of Estonian Art Academy where Erik Alalooga and Andrus Kallastu launched experimental music instrument project. Project consisted two related courses. During fall semester students created self-made music instruments under supervision of Erik Alalooga. In January Andrus Kallastu instructed a one week long workshop about notation and composition.

Chronological development of Conservatorium Postinstrumentum you can follow here: