The Odysseus´s Bow

“The Odysseus´s Bow”

Premiere on July, 2011 in Culture Center Not Quite, Fengersfors, Sweden

Performed in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga, Kaunas.

Team: Erik Alalooga, Andreas W, Meeland Sepp, Hans-Gunter Lock.

Performance «Bow of Odysseus» focuses on synchronism between mechanics, sounds and lights. Of course, one can interpret the performance literally in one’s own way: authors of the performance have no intension what so ever to attach any cultural reference or meaning to the action taking place on stage. The authors’ group operates only with mechanics, sound and light; there is absolutely no interest in meanings and references that may (or not) occur to audience.

Even the heading «Bow of Odysseus» indicates barely initial idea of the performance. «Odysseus had a bow that no other man could cock,» said Andreas W. «Ok then,» said Erik Alalooga. «Let’s start with a stack of something that looks like a bow.» At that point Odysseus stepped out.

Project consists of series of machines and mechanisms with different complexity; Erik Alalooga and Meeland Sepp will be working live on stage to put all the machinery together. The assembling process will make sounds. There is a microphone (or several microphones) attached to each detail or component, the sound they make will be directed through Ableton live-processing filters. During the assembling process Andreas W will alter continually configuration and number of the microphones and filters. So all the sounds of putting together those machines and mechanisms will shift in real-time.

At the same time Hans-Gunter Lock will turn on and off algorithmically preprogrammed lights using Max/MSP. All changes in light scheme derive from the sounds made on stage. Preprogramming means that in live Hans-Gunter Lock will manually select algorithms on his light control panel and after that the lights will shift themselves in accordance with the sounds.

Although «Bow of Odysseus» is based on fixed frame potential outcomes could vary to certain extent every time on stage.

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