Experimental sound-instrument building 2013./2014.

As a tradition again during fall semester course in Estonian Art Academy students created acoustical sound instruments. This year it was organized as an elective course because performing art chair was closed in 2013. Course was instructed by Erik Alalooga. Main requirements were as usual: instrument must be full-acoustic (no amplification), it must avoid similarities with prototypes and it must produce different and manually controlled tones.

In January, 2014 a composition workshop was hosted again by Pärnu Contemporary Music Days. During one week long workshop students researched acoustical qualities and playing techniques of their instruments.  This time notation and composition workshop had multiple instructors. Instructors of composition: Andrus Kallastu and Tatjana Kozlova. Instructor of musical interpretation – Tarmo Johannes. All the instruments were named and notated for final performance.

Artsists and their instruments:

Sander Raudsepp – Pott-head

Veiko Tamme – Litooga

Maria Sidorenko – Zipp-o-phone

Kaarel Kütas – Kõri/Throat

Program for evening:

Kaarel Kütas (1981) Suur pidusöök ansamblile | for ensemble 2014

Maria Sidorenko (1987) Zip-up zipp-o-phone’ile | for zipp-o-phone 2014

Maria Sidorenko (1987) Vaikuse sümptoomid ansamblile | for ensemble 2014

Sander Raudsepp (1988) Sümptoomia Nr.1 pott-head’ile | for pott-head 2014

Kaarel Kütas (1981) Kõripala 1 kõrile | for kõri 2014

Veiko Tamme (1987) Igapäev ansamblile | for ensemble 2014

Veiko Tamme (1987) Silent lamb litoogale | for litooga 2014

Sander Raudsepp Stranger DANGER! ansamblile | for ensemble 2014

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