Fifth, anniversary season of experimental instrument-making in Estonian Art Academy (EAA) was different. Basic platform was same as earlier: instrument must be full-acoustic (no amplification), it must avoid similarities with prototypes and it must produce different and manually controlled tones. Full-length course throughout whole semester was instructed by Erik Alalooga as usually.

Course brought together 16 both estonian and international students from different professional background. 14 of them reached to our destination – public performance.

Range of materials appeared to be wide, reaching from limestone, empty vine bottles and parchment to drainpipe, heavy-steel and sex-doll.

But instead of our usual musical supervisor Andrus Kallastu, short and much more improvisational workshop was instructed by new team: Peter Gotterbarm, Carla Genchi and Pedro Gonzalez Fernandez. International project International European Union Master CoPeCo (Contemporary Performance and Composition brought them to Tallinn. Collaboration with our project was challenging enough to join. Basic principle of composition wasn´t precise notation but more to catch common feeling, listen to each other and follow big patterns.

Performers: Annemarie Maasik, Caroline Charrel, Clara Lissens, Helen Grass, Igor Filjušin, James Choucino, Jaan Sinka, Kreete Pillenberg, Liis Uustal, Lotta Koov, Risto Kütt, Sigrit Lõhmus, Timmo Lember, Yyhely Hälvin.

Conductor: Carla Genchi

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