Already third year during fall semester course in performing art chair of Estonian Art Academy students created acoustical sound instruments. Course was instructed by Erik Alalooga. Main requrements were: instrument must be full-acoustic (no amplification), it must avoid similarities with prototypes and it must produce different and manually controlled tones. This year brought two new instruments and performers to the hall of fame:

Marianne Jõgi – Framarr

Henri Griin – Excelsibur

In January 2013 a composition workshop was hosted again by Pärnu Contemporary Music Days. During one week long workshop students researched acoustical qualities and playing techniques of their instruments. For this year´s composition workshop additional students were invited with other instruments. Workshop was instructed by musician and composer Andrus Kallastu. All the instruments were named and notated for final concert “Victory over the Sun” a reference to Alexey Kruchnych´s opera-libretto by the same name.


Marianne Jõgi “Framarri esimene koivasirutus”
esitus ja pill: Marianne Jõgi, framarr
Kaarel Kütas “Soolalugu”
esitus ja pill: Kaarel Kütas, museib
Henry Griin “Jurmala laadaga”
esitus ja pill: Henry Griin, excelsibur
Marianne Jõgi “Loits”
museib: Doris Feldmann, Marianne Jõgi
framarr: Mari Lääne, Kaarel Kütas
excelsibur: Henry Griin
Henry Griin “Onu Einar mõtleb tööst”
museib: Kaarel Kütas
framarr: Doris Feldmann, Marianne Jõgi
excelsibur: Mari Lääne
Kaarel Kütas “Teos raamviiulile ja boiler pillile”
excelsibur: Henry Griin
framarr: Mari Lääne, Marianne Jõgi, Doris Feldmann
Mari Lääne “Must kohv”
koma: Kaarel Kütas, Henry Griin
museib: Kaarel Kütas, Henry Griin
framarr: Marianne Jõgi, Doris Feldmann
excelsibur: Mari Lääne

Doris Feldmann “Ilutulestik”
museib: Kaarel Kütas, Doris Feldmann
framarr: Marianne Jõgi, Mari Lääne
excelsibur: Henry Griin

Hans-Gunter Lock “Victory over the Sun”
Dirigent: Andrus Kallastu

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