Experimental music-instruments building 2010./2011. “Mürailu”

During fall semester course “Kinetic art” in 2010 in performing art chair of Estonian Art Academy students created acoustical sound instruments. Course was instructed by Erik Alalooga. Main requrements were: instrument must be full-acoustic (no amplification), it must avoid similarities with prototypes and it must produce different and manually controlled tones.

In January 2011 took place a workshop in Pärnu as a part of annual festival Pärnu Contemporary Music Days. During one week long workshop students researched acoustical qualities and playing techniques of their instruments. Workshop was instructed by musician and composer Andrus Kallastu. All the instruments were named and notated for final concert “Mürailu” on January 16 in Pärnu Old Town primary school.

Musicians and their instruments:

Tanel V. Kulla – Kitty Suun “Klirrur”

Hans Otto – Ojaste –  “Donk”

Urmas Lüüs – “Ketar”

Tanel V. Kulla – “Põntsa”

Erik Alalooga – “Museib”

In first part of concert solo pieces were performed. Authors of instruments notated short compositions which were performed either by author or interpreter.

Second part consisted a collaboration with professional musicians:

Leonora Palu – flute

Indrek Palu – violin

Aare Tammesalu – cello

Andrus Kallastu – piano

Hans – Gunter Lock – analog-synthesizer

Article (in estonian) in magazine Teater.Muusika.Kino: http://www.temuki.ee/numbers/2011/3/article5230.pdf

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