Error for Music

“Error for music” is a performance of technological theatre in its pure style.

“Error for Music” was final performance of technological theatre masterclass (instructor Erik Alalooga) held in Tartu University Viljandi Culture Academy in spring 2014.

Technological theatre defines relationships between machine, human body and surrounding enviroment from technocentristic point of view. This point of view consists:

  1. Resignation of antropocentristic attitude in communication with technology.
  2. Treating machine as a subject not as an object.
  3. Syncronization of dramaturgical development with inner rhytms of machine.

Main question is: „How will devices on the stage and elsewhere around us start to act if we will not apply any dramaturgical pressure on them?“

Fixed functions have been attached to most of technological devices used in everyday life. Operations with any other (non-purposed) functions will automatically create platform for error-occurance. This can be easiest way to enter into the space of error, where we will be left behind by support of industrial engineering and mathematically calculated guarantee. We must create new way of communication with technology, assigning dominating role to error. „Error fo Music“ is not dealing so much with technical errors, but mostly with error constructed inside of spectator´s head while sensing a shift between expectations and reality.

Error for Music was performed three times in Estonia in program of student festival Kultuuridessant in Viljandi, Tartu and Tallinn and in final destination of this project – in The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space.

Our PQ team:

Performance: Maarja Räni, Katre Sulane, Meeli Tuoppi, Anna Rosalie Uudre, Rommi Ruttas, Laura Maria Mäits.

Technical assistants: Ivar Piterskihh, Marko Odar, Eliisa Vellamaa

Manager: Liisa Liksor

Supervisor: Erik Alalooga

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